Ronny Rößler, Sandra Niemirowska, Robert Noll & Zhuo Feng (2023); Neue Kieselholz-Funde mit der Käferfraßspur Pectichnus multicylindricus: Entstehung, Holzreaktion und Verbreitung. Veröffentlichungen Museum für Naturkunde, Chemnitz, 46, 39–64.

Steffen Trümper, Václav Mencl, Stanislav Opluštil, Sandra Niemirowska, Ronny Rößler (2022); LARGE WOODY DEBRIS ACCUMULATIONS IN THE LATE PENNSYLVANIAN TROPICS—EVOLUTIONARY SIGNAL OR TECTONO-CLIMATIC ARCHIVE? PALAIOS, Volume 37, Number 6: 251–291.

Ronny Rößler, Anne-Laure Decombeix, Jean Galtier, Rodrigo Neregato, Sandra Niemirowska, Robert Noll (July, 2021); The limits of life revealed in a silicified micro-ecosystem: Sphenophyllum stems, leaves, and roots trapped inside an arthropod boring in a Permian calamitalean. Palaeontographica, Abteilung B, Vol. 302, Issues 1-6: 3-35.

Ronny Rößler, Steffen Trümper, Robert Noll, Alexandra Hellwig, Sandra Niemirowska (Septemper, 2021); Wood shrinkage during fossilisation and its significance for studying deep-time lignophytes. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, Vol. 292, pp. 104455.

Ronny Rößler, Robert Noll, Volker Annacker & Sandra Niemirowska (2020): The interrelatedness of biota revealed in fossil trees from the Permian fossil forest of northern Tocantins, central-north Brazil. – In: Iannuzzi, R., Rößler, R. & Kunzmann, L. (eds): Brazilian paleofloras. – pp. 1–47, Heidelberg: Springer Nature.

AlekSandra Z. Niemirowska; Skamieniałe drewno drzew gatunków liściastych, iglastych oraz paproci. Okazy z Polski i ze świata. Wydawnictwo Poligraf, Brzezia Łąka, Polska, 2013.
Here you will find information regarding the book:

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Selected publications in which the fossils from the collection served as research and/or illustrative material

Ronny Rößler (2021); The most entirely known Permian terrestrial ecosystem on Earth – kept by explosive volcanism. Palaeontographica Abteilung B, Vol. 303, Issues 1-3: 1-75.

Zhou Feng, Markus Bertling, Robert Noll, Adam Ślipiński & Ronny Rößler (2019); Beetle borings in wood with host response in early Permian conifers from Germany. PalZ 93, 409–421.
Open Access:

Peter Jeckel redaction (2011); Achat und Opal in Fossilien. Katalog der 11. Internationalen Achatbörse, Edition Achatwelt.
Photographs of several fossils published in the journal can be viewed here:

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