AlekSandra Niemirowska

Skamieniałe drewno drzew gatunków liściastych, iglastych oraz paproci. Okazy z Polski i ze świata

Petrified wood species of deciduous trees, conifers and tree ferns.
Specimens from Poland and the world

The book is in Polish language, it is available in online stores:

In February 2013, my book I was working over the last few years was published.

This is the first entry in Poland addressed to the collectors of fossils and minerals, nature lovers and those interested in the natural sciences, enabling the reader to know the petrified wood of many species of trees, based on photographs of mineralized remains.

Brings in an accessible way the processes leading to the formation of petrified wood and necessary issues of paleobotany and taxonomy.

The book exhibits high-end specimens from around the world, found in minerals (such as agate, fluorite, pyrite, radioactive minerals), the marks left in the wood by a variety of organisms (eg tunnels, coprolites) and anatomical structure visible in cross- and longitudinal-sections.

Carefully selected specimens are shown in more than a thousand photographs (including microscopic), unusual distinctive educational and cognitive values.

The first part reflects my fascination of paleobotany and makes that the book is a guide to the distinctive characteristics of wood construction seen in the trunks (stems) of various groups of plants, most extinct.

The second part of the book includes photographs of petrified wood from famous worldwide locations (including Arizona in the USA, Patagonia - Argentina, Chemnitz - Germany, Queensland - Australia), as well as hard-to-reach (eg from Paraguay, Antarctica, Uganda), and many Polish regions.

Navigating the text make easier dictionaries: generic names (Polish-Latin-English), and the more difficult concepts, as well as content indexes appearing in photographs and signatures.

During the many years of work on the book I consulted with palaeobotanists from Germany, USA and Canada.

The book is in Polish language, A4 size and has 384 pages, was released on coated paper, hardcover.

I think that the book should be interesting for all enthusiasts of petrified wood.

AlekSandra Niemirowska

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