1. Petrified wood subject

The Virtual Petrified Wood Museum

Huge petrified trees, a private museum of petrified trees (California)

Official website of the Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified wood from Siedliska in Poland (Polish)

Photos of many species of petrified wood taken under a microscope (Washington)

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2. Private collections

Gallery of petrified wood photos

Gallery of petrified wood and bonsai photos

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3. Related topics

Otoczak – Polish quarterly for collectors of minerals and fossils

Minerals and fossils from Pomerania region in Poland

Museum of minerals (Polish)

Home of dinosaurs (Polish)

Ed Pieters' site – minerals, thundereggs and fossils collector from the Netherlands

http://rayerminerals.homestead.com/Site_Map.html http://www.paleo-pomorze.pl

Rayerminerals – minerals and agates collections, specimens for sale

Paleo Pomerania
Maciej Meis Malinowski


Extensive mineralogical database

Virtual forests (Polish)

Equipment for meteorites hunters

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4. Literature

Online book – THE YELLOWSTONE PETRIFIED "FORESTS" – Harold G. Coffine

Black Hills Institute Of Geological Research

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